Maui’s Beauty Secrets

Maui has been incredible! We snorkeled with colorful fish and sea turtles, hiked through thousands of bamboo, marveled at 200-foot waterfalls, treated ourselves to spa days, and played in the ocean.  The best beauty lesson I’ve learned from Maui has been one of relaxation, but there are some other great secrets I discovered and wanted to share with all of you.

Kukui Nut Oil – Hawaiians use this oil for everything skin-related. It’s touted to relieve sunburn, help heal eczema, minimize hyper-pigmentation and prevent stretch marks. The kukui nut is native to Pacific islands and is the brown nut frequently used in the traditional necklaces worn by males (see picture.) The oil extracted from this special nut contains the most complete set of essential fatty acids of all plant or nut oils. Kukui nuts also contain high amounts of Vitamins A, C and E which provide your skin with ample antioxidant protection. I slathered myself in kukui nut oil every day while in Maui and my skin loved it!

Pineapple and Papaya – and mango and guava…these tropical fruits are everywhere here in Maui. You cant drive or walk down a road for very long before seeing tiny fruit stands beckoning people like me. People obsessed with fresh fruit. There really is nothing better than a fresh pineapple from Maui. Dole is located on the island and Maui Gold pineapples are abundant. Eating fresh pineapple and papaya every morning aids in healthy digestion, while also providing tons of Vitamin C. Mash these two fruits together and you have an instant skin softening facial mask. And yes, I did both.

Ocean Water – People spend lots of money for algae and sea salt body treatments in fancy spas (we did, anyway) but another less expensive way to treat your skin is to swim in the ocean. Natural sea water contains salts and essential minerals that both detoxify and nourish the skin. The impossibly blue water of Maui draws people out like a magnet. While soaking (or swimming) we did some pretty amazing snorkeling at Black Rock and Honolua Bay. It’s like swimming in a tropical aquarium. Blue fish, red fish, yellow fish, green fish (ok, enough Dr. Seuss.) We even met some friendly sea turtles while out on the water.

A close second to the ocean are all the waterfalls we played in on the Road to Hana. Some are spring-fed, some depend on rainfall, and some spill out into the ocean. The water here is a bit colder than the ocean (about 50 degrees or so) but is completely refreshing after a long hike through the bamboo jungles. Natural spring and rain water also contains high amount of skin fortifying minerals, and the cool temperature after working up a sweat is like a cold plunge – wonderful for healthy circulation.

Coconut – Coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut ice cream. We sampled them all! Coconut oil, similar to kukui nut oil, contains essential fatty acids the skin loves. I use coconut oil a lot in facial and body treatments and love it as a base for raw sugar body scrubs at home. Coconut water contains electrolytes that replenish your body (especially after a workout.) And coconut milk and ice cream, again, give you those EFA’s. We stopped by Coconut Glen’s for some raw, organic coconut ice cream toward the end of our trip to Hana and back. This ice cream is, dare I say, actually good for you! We tasted banana pineapple, ginger lemongrass and good ol’ vanilla bean. A-MAZE-ING

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