Loving Lavender

Lavender has so many wonderful benefits for the mind, body and skin. It is one of the most universally used essential oils. From the kitchen to the spa, lavender is considered a vital ingredient. This time of year, with shopping, party planning, overindulging and traveling on the agenda, lavender comes in handy! Here are just some of my favorite uses for lavender essential oil. How do you like to use it?

Anti-fungal – add to tea tree oil for toenail fungus and other fungal skin irritations

Calming – use in aromatherapy or massage for calm mind

Headache relief – add a few drops to some eucalyptus in a tissue and inhale, or add a few drops to massage oil for neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension headaches.

Sleep aid – soak in a bath fragranced with organic lavender essential oil before bedtime, or add some dried lavender to your chamomile tea.

We found this great article packed with additional information on this wonder herb!

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