Key Ingredients For Winter Skin

Baby it’s cold outside!
Here are some favorite active ingredients to keep your skin nourished through the brrrrr….winter months ahead:

Rose is one of the most nourishing and hydrating essential oils for the skin. Mature and dry skin conditions both benefit from rose. It is gentle enough to use daily but luxurious enough to still feel like a great treat, like in an organic floral water with Neroli and Rose, leaving skin feeling dewy and soft even before any moisturizer is applied. It can also enhance the absorption rate of any active ingredient applied directly afterward.
Rose can be found in Sanitas Rose Scrub and DNA Health Institute Floral Bliss.

Lactic and Glycolic acids

Lactic and Glycolic Acids both belong to the family known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, They are naturally produced and used in the body and also found in nature. Lactic and Glycolic both have a relatively large molecular size in terms of acids, so they are considered a bit more gentle. These acids also aid in the retention of moisture and hydration by attracting water into the skin while they break-up unwanted dead skin cells and debris. AHAs also drop the pH of the skin enough to allow for better nutrient absorption.

These exfoliating acids can be found in Sanitas Glycolic Citrus Cleanser, Glycotoner 5% and Hydrating Toner…and many other fantastic products!

Papaya enzymes gently digest dead skin cells and debris, removing them from the surface of the skin. My favorite way to use this ingredient is in Sanitas Papaya Pineapple Mask while steaming in the steam room or tub. You can achieve additional exfoliation by using this product after a cleanser containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid, or be removing the mask with a gentle facial scrub.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant and water soluble vitamin with many functional benefits to the skin. This vitamin is used to repair cellular damage, protect from the overproduction of free radicals or inflammation due to sun overexposure, and is helpful in the production of new cells and collagen fibers. Vitamin C also helps strengthen capillaries and increase healthy cell communication. The result is skin radiance, and who wouldn’t want more of that?
Find the superior lipophilic Vitamin C in Sanitas Topical C and Vita C Serum.

Coconut Oil
One of my favorite oils, especially for dry and dehydrated winter skin. I’ve mentioned my love for coconut oil before several times, so it’s no wonder that I love Malie Organics. They use organic coconut oil in almost every single one of their body products, including Their beauty oils and body creams.

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