Ingredient To Love: Almond Oil

Almonds are roughly 54% oil which contains both Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. This is is pressed from the almond and has many culinary uses, but is also very popular in skin and body care.

Almond oil is very similar to the oil a baby’s skin produces…and who doesn’t want skin as soft as a baby’s.. “you know what?”

This is why it is a great choice for skin care and is used quite frequently for massage.

Almond oil is nourishing and deeply moisturizing for the skin. It also contains regenerative properties that boost cell metabolism and damage repair. This oil can also reduce itchiness associated with dry skin, and is delicate enough to use right under the eyes.

Because there is no heavy fragrance, almond oil makes a great “base” or carrier oil for essential oils blends.

You can purchase almond oil right form the skin care section of your local health food store, or look for it in your favorite skin care products. We love using it directly for face and body massage, but also love it in DNA Health Institute’s Creme of Nectar Soothing Wash and Anti-Aging Eye Repair Creme!

*Almond oil is a nut oil. So, it is not recommended for those with nut allergies.

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