Ingredient to Love: Vitamin K for Redness

Used internally, Vitamin K is used primarily to clot blood. It is chiefly made in the colon by intestinal bacteria where it is absorbed back into the colon walls and into the bloodstreams.

The best food sources of vitamin K are:

brussels sprouts
green cabbage
whole grains
egg yolk

Vitamin K has become increasingly used as an effective topical treatment for spider veins, swollen capillaries, redness, dark undereye circles, and bruises. This is due to it’s ability to strengthen the connective tissue in vein and capillary walls, coagulate (clot) blood, and help clear bleeding or stagnant blood often associated with wounds, bruises, dark circles, and redness.

Capillaries close to the skin’s surface undergo increased pressure during extending standing, trauma or from excessive weight gain. Weak wall structure or lack of elasticity can lead to seepage that causes spider-type veins to appear. Improving vein and blood vessel strength can help reduce the occurrence of spider veins and reduce bruising. Vitamin K also helps clear away trapped blood to fade excess redness. This means that it could be used as an effective treatment of inflammatory acne and rosacea skin conditions.

Vitamin K also has antioxidant properties that allows it to absorb free radicals that may cause skin damage. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, supporting small blood vessels (like capillaries.) Vitamin K is especially helpful following trauma or surgery and works extremely well with Vitamin C.

Find Topical Vitamin K, along with some other terrific ingredients, in Sanitas Vita K
Here’s a brief description, courtesy of Sanitas Skincare:

Vita K is formulated with Vitamins K and E, Horse Chestnut and Rutin to help dramatically speed the healing of bruises and reduce dark circles under the eyes. Vita K also helps reduce redness or purpling associated with rosacea or other topical circulatory conditions.

Vitamin K helps strengthen blood vessels and improve bruised skin
• Antioxidants Rutin & Horse Chestnut help improve circulation and protect skin
Vitamin E & Gamma Linoleic Acid moisturize, nourish & accelerate healing
• Helpful for preventing pre- and post-surgical bruising

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    Yes! You can absolutely wear a moisturizer and sun block over the Vita K. We love Sanitas Vitamin C Moisturizer or Vita C for moisture treatments and Solar Block as a natural sun block!

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