Ingredient to Love: Tomatoes

You say tomato…we say great skin! Tomatoes are loaded with Vitamins and antioxidants that benefit your entire body – especially your skin!

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a special antioxidant found in this special red fruit, that helps protect the eyes and prevents free radical overload in the skin. Vitamins A and C are plentiful in tomatoes, and essential in strengthening and protecting the skin’s many layers. These two vitamins work together (C is water-soluble and A is fat soluble) with in the skin to rebuild damaged collagen, restore elasticity, strengthen the cells, calm inflammation and much much more.

Tomatoes are naturally acidic and have an astringent property to them which makes them a great ingredient for oily or acneic skin. Alone, this ingredient can rid the skin of acne causing bacteria and help to calm the overproduction of oil. Tomatoes are also used to help calm and heal the skin which is great for summer sun faux poi’s. They contain Vitamin K, which helps to calm redness and strengthen capillaries. Try this, crush a big juicy red tomato and apply it to clean skin. Leave it on for one whole hour and then rinse gently but thoroughly with cool water. You will immediately notice that your skin is brighter and more balanced.

We have tomato plants growing like crazy and cannot seem to eat them fast enough. That’s when we started making homemade tomato facial masks…use it alone or try these combinations for home use:

Tomato and Lime – for clearing and balancing
Combine 1 tbsp tomato juice with 2-3 drops of lime juice and apply to face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes, then gently rinse with cool water.

Tomato and Cucumber – for hydrating
Combine a small handful of cherry or grape tomatoes with ¼ organic English cucumber in food processor.
Apply mixture to face and neck for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly

Tomato and Buttermilk or Yogurt – for calming
Combine crushed tomato or 1 tsp tomato juice with 1 tbsp organic plain yogurt or butter milk.
Apply to face and neck, or any area of skin that is sunburned and leave on for as long as desired.
Repeat this mask as many times as necessary until sting and heat are relieved!

Tomato and Honey – for brightening and softening (general use)
Crush a small handful of cherry tomatoes, seeds and all and combine with 1 tbsp raw organic honey.
Apply to face and neck and leave on for approx. 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

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