Ingredient to Love: Pikake

Pikake, or Hawaiian Jasmine, is a beautifully fragrant white flower that symbolizes beauty and love in Hawaii and other island regions. Pikake leis adorn Hawaiian brides on their special day and evoke the soft yet intoxicating scent that always follows jasmine…and that is why we love it!

Pikake got its name after Princess Kaiulani, a beloved Hawaiian princess known for her beauty and her generous heart, yet short life. Jasmine was the favorite flower of the princess, and Pikake is the Hawaiian name for Peacock, which was Kaiulani’s favorite pet.

Ka’iulani’s mystique is irrevocably linked with one of Hawai’i’s favorite scents…that of the Chinese jasmine. It is still believed the Princess loved these delicate blossoms best of all the flowers planted in the grounds of her home estate. And quite literally “…her name has left the fragrance of a flower,” (the words of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox) for to this day the jasmine is called by the Hawaiianized word for “peacock… “pikake”…in tribute to the Princess’ attachment to both jasmine and her elegant avian pets. – Mindi Reid, Electric Scotland

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