Ingredient to Love: Lemon

lemon oil-Vitamin CLemons (and limes for that matter) are a great source of Vitamin C – a highly potent antioxidant and healing agent for skin. They were first made popular in the Eighteenth century when they saved thousands of British Sailors who were suffering from scurvy – a lack of Vitamin C in the diet. Read more about this history lesson here: Ask A Biologist

Lemons and limes are alkalizing (opposite of acid producing – like meat, dairy and sugar) for the body. This means that they help clean the digestive track and keep the body in a harmonious balance, free of disease.

“A lot of alkaline elements are found in the lemon. Vitamin C is found in abundant amounts in the fresh juice of lemons…Important nutrients such as the element potassium, and the vitamin B1 are also found in high amounts in the lemon. Citric acid also makes up about five to six per cent of the juice and tissues of lemons and limes, this percentage is very high compared to oranges at about one to one and a half percent, or the grapefruit, at about one to two percent citric acid.” –

Lemon essential oil is known to brighten skin and lighten overpigmented areas (ie. brown spots) without harming skin. It is photosensitive so make sure you also wear sunblock on your face daily while using lemon oil.
The Ascorbic and Citric Acids in lemon oil help to brighten, exfoliate and soften the skin – and they have even been used to lighten hyper pigmented areas and dark, rough skin on knees and elbows. It’s for these reasons that lemon oil is used in many cleansers and facial scrubs to aid in the removal of make-up, pollution, and excess oil and dead skin cells. You can find Lemon Oil in Sanitas Skin Care Lemon Cream Cleanser and Sanitas Skin Care Lemon Cream Scrub.

These little citrus fruits have aromatherapy benefits as well. Lemon increases relaxation, removes mental stress and elevates mood – making it a great choice ingredient for cleansing in the morning!

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