Ingredient to Love: Lactic Acid

Why do we love lactic acid? Well, that’s easy! We love it because it makes skin oh-so-soft without the negative effects other exfoliating acids can bring. It is a natural alpha hydroxy acid found in many foods and in our body. Remember the last time you “felt the burn” at the gym? That was lactic acid leaving your muscles as they break down in order to gain more strength. Remember hearing about Cleopatra taking lavish milk baths to enhance the beauty of her skin? That’s because milk (and cream) contains lactic acid, which naturally softens and exfoliates skin.

Lactic acid is a wonderful option for gentle exfoliation because the skin has storage receptors for it. This means that when lactic acid is applied topically, the skin will use it according to its needs, then store the excess, so that it doesn’t just sit at the surface, causing irritation. Lactic acid is a larger molecular size, which also helps it remain gentle on the skin. It is also known for it’s hydrating properties. Lactic acid will aid your skin in retaining moisture and remaining in balance.

You can find lactic acid in Sanitas Milk and Honey Cleanser, Sanitas Lactic Cleanser, Sanitas Hydrating toner, and Osmosis Polish (a personal favorite!)

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