Ingredient to Love: Jade

Jade is beloved for its beauty and often said to attract wealth and good health. But, we also love Jade for its ability to hold and radiate infrared light. A gorgeous natural stone that can aid in healing of the skin, help detoxify and calm inflammation? As strange as that sounds, it’s completely true!

First, let’s talk infrared light. Infrared is the invisible light emitted from the sun that warms the earth and our skin as we bask in its rays. This specific wavelength of light is said to aid the body in gentle detocification of waste and increase the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Infrared light also calms excess inflammation (which in many circles is believed to be the top cause of aging.)

We love infrared so much for the skin, that we offer it in many of our facials at the studio in Solana Beach. You can read more about infrared light therapy here, and here in my post in LED Light Therapy.

Now, what does Jade have to do with infrared light? Well, it actually acts as a catalyst, meaning that it has the ability to hold and transmit the heat and far infrared light into the body. This precious stone has been used for centuries in oriental medicine to help stimulate energy in the body that keeps it in balance and healthy. This energy is referred to as ‘chi.’ Jade is used two different ways for skincare purposes. The stones are used to massage the face and neck as well as placed in specific acupressure points. Jade is also crushed into powder and added into skincare product formulations.

According to ancient East Asian medical wisdom, jade heals stressed organs and discharges toxins. Pumiced jade was applied to cheeks for beauty and absorbed into the skin for health.  Jade is believed to slow down the process of cell aging and it has the excellent ability to strengthen the body’s natural defenses and healing powers.  Jade contains vital elements for the human body, such as minerals, calcium, magnesium and water. In addition, Jade is known as a natural transmitter of far infrared rays in the same wavelength as the human body, and it is known to produce negative ions which encourage cell metabolism. – Jadience Herbal Skincare



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