Ingredient to Love: Ginseng

Ginseng is a funny-looking root that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and body care. The health benefits are numerous and include everything from digestive and circulation aid to balancing the body’s yin and yang energy and treating stress and headaches.

We love ginseng because it is a powerful force in clearing, toning and clarifying the skin. It helps brighten skin complexion, calm skin and encourage healing and cell renewal. Ginseng is highly effective for rejuvenating and strengthening the skin while improving the immune system within the dermal skin cells.

Jadience Herbal Skincare, which is based in Ancient Chinese Beauty recipes, incorporates Ginseng in many of their products, including:

Jade& Ginseng Firming and Lifting Moisturizer
Jade & Ginseng Cleansing Cream
Jade & Ginseng Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

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