Ingredient to Love: Ginger!

There are so many reasons to love ginger! Ginger is a traditional Chinese and Indian skincare and dietary ingredient, and has many beneficial properties for the skin. It helps brighten and protect the skin and has been shown to decrease inflammation, both internally and topically. Drinking ginger tea can aid in healthy digestion after a meal, and helps calm an upset stomach while the antioxidant in ginger, gingerol, helps to neutralize aging free radicals.

Ginger is a traditional Ayurvedic ingredient that has been used for centuries to prevent as well as cure diseases such as skin disorders, fever and digestive problems. In China it is used to treat colds while in Japan ginger oil massages are said to ease joint pain because of this rhizome’s anti-inflammatory properties. In the West, ginger root extract is used primarily for its warming effect to soothe and relax…According to Mintel GNPD Cosmetic Research, ginger is now appearing as a key ingredient in radiance and anti-cellulite products. —Nica Lewis, Mintel courtesy of

The melatonin in ginger is great for hyperpigmented skin because it helps balance melanin, a pigment producing protein. Ginger aids in calming inflammatory acne and sensitive skin eruptions. But it also energizes the skin. Seriously. Ginger warms the system and encourages healthy circulation, so it is often used in cellulite-reducing treatments. Nice, right?

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Ginger Bath Soak Recipe

Freshly cut Ginger in cheesecloth or the end of a stocking or sock, then wrap the open end around the tub’s faucet and tie up so that it stays in place. Turn on water and let the tub fill. The warm water will run through the ginger and infuse the bath water. This tub soak is great for relaxing achy, tired muscles. It will also stimulate sweating and makes for a wonderfully detoxifying bath when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. *Add two cups of Epsom Salts, or ½ cup of condensed Sea Water (available in your health food stores) for even more relaxing and detoxifying benefit!

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