Ingredient to Love: Coconut Oil

coconutThe summer is winding down for many of us, as much as we don’t want to admit it. Want proof? Just take a walk through your local Target or grocery store where school supplies are generously displayed and even Halloween candy is starting to sneak in the aisles.

This infiltration of fall doesn’t mean we have to let go of everything summer. We can still treat our skin to a tropical indulgence with this wonderfully nutritious and moisturizing ingredient: coconut!

Coconut Water has received loads of recent praise for it’s ability to replenish the body during and post workout or sport. It contains as much or more potassium as a banana and hydrates like regular water.

Coconut Oil is one of our favorite moisturizing agents for the body. It’s luxuriously emollient without weighing skin down, and leaves a trace of “fresh from the beach” lingering on the skin all day! Traditional medical practitioners in many parts of the Pacific have been using coconut oil for centuries because of its amazing healing properties, both internal and topical.

I recommend coconut oil and coconut oil-based lotions for all my clients who are mom’s-to-be. Using this great oil on the belly, thighs and…well all over will help keep skin strong, elastic and protected to help prevent stretch marks and uncomfortable dryness / itchiness. It far out-performs any water or aloe-based lotion. News Flash – skin loves oil (as long as it’s from plant or nut source and not synthetic) and coconut oil is considered one of the most nutritious plant or nut oils available.

Read more about coconut oil and its health benefits at the Coconut Research Center (yes they really have a research center devoted to coconuts).

Want to take your skin on vacation, while staying at home? Try our recipe for an at-home sugar scrub using coconut oil!

Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe

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