Ingredient to Love: Beta Glucan

oats-grainsBeta Glucan (beta glucan 1,3) is a polysaccharide, or refined complex carbohydrate, made up of a string of glucose (sugar) molecules. Found in many plant sources: like bran, oats, grains, even fungi and bacteria, beta glucan is known for its immune boosting properties internally, helping to spring certain white blood cells into action – literally gobbling up nasty pathogens. There are several external benefits to using beta glucan as well. It aids in skin softening, environmental protection from irritants and pollutants, and the natural healing processes that can reduce visible signs of aging.

See? Carbs aren’t all bad after all!

Beta Glucan has much promise for becoming the next ‘big thing’ in skincare. Ever hear of applying oatmeal (beta glucan from oats) to the skin…Aveeno anyone? It’s important to mention that the key to this ingredient’s effectiveness is finding a bio available source in a significant percentage into your skincare product of choice. Synthetic sources or tiny percentages of even the most ‘natural’ source may be cost effective for the skincare company, but they are not “result effective” for your skin. Look for beta glucan near the top of the ingredient deck and choose products that use biogenic, bio available, or botanical ingredient sources.
*If you aren’t sure, contact the product company and ask – any good line will be able to get you the answers you need to make an informed decision!

Skincare Tip:

When showering or washing up at home, not many of us use bottled or distilled water. The Chlorine and Fluoride in regular tap water can cause dryness and even age our skin prematurely. Follow up every shower and face wash with a mist or floral water containing beta glucan (like Sanitas Moisture Mist) to help neutralize the harsh effects of the tap.

BONUS: Look for hyaluronic acid (a great natural humectant-ability to attract and hold water in the skin) and topical Vitamin C (preferably in oil form) in your mists, toners, or moisture treatments to make your skin even happier!

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