Ingredient to Love: Aloe

We love aloe, especially this time of year. Aloe Vera has been a summer skin savior and sunburn soother for thousands of years. This special succulent, hailed from tropical and subtropical regions of the world, produces a gel that is 99% water. However, the gel also contains powerful phytochemicals that aid in skin healing and calming.

“Glycoproteins speed the healing process by minimizing pain and inflammation, while polysaccharides stimulate skin growth and repair.” – American Spa Magazine, July 2012

This gel also contains Vitamins C and E, and acts as an anti-microbial, killing harmful bacteria. These factors make it a wonderful ingredient for sensitive and acneic skin.

Aloe is best used right from the plant, as it starts to break down immediately after coming in contact with the air. It is possible to gentle process aloe gel so that it can have a decent shelf-life, and this is the aloe that’s used in skin and body care products, and sold at stores. When purchasing aloe vera, keep in mind that pure aloe is clear, not fluorescent green (that green goo is awful!)

We suggest growing an aloe plant in your yard this summer so that it is available if and when you need it!

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