Yoga, Massage and Waterfalls in Syracuse, NY

CNY Yoga in downtown Syracuse, run by Lorie Bebber and Lisa Sarick, brings a fresh approach to yoga classes. Most yoga studios offer individual classes and special rates for class bundles or unlimited passes. NCY takes it a step further, and practically requires you to commit to a six week program of Hatha and Raja (or Ashtanga) based yoga.. You come to class once a week or so for six weeks, and pay a “tuition” which equals the cost of a 6 class pass in Southern California, but you get unlimited classes!

In my neighborhood a good yoga class will run you $15 a pop…you can do the math, right? Its a great deal. Whats better is that for busy bees like myself who always plan on going to yoga but rarely follow through, this six week program is prepaid – and that is extra motivation to go to class!

Ive been told by several yoga teachers that real health results come from regular yoga practice, although “once in a blue moon” practice is not necessarily frowned upon. Yoga helps balance mind and body, massages internal organs, increases healthy circulation, builds lean muscle and flexibility, and helps us to de-stress (this last one is the most important result for me personally.) Lorie and Lisa have put together a program that sets students up for great results! They have yoga studios is downtown Syracuse and Liverpool…Oh, and did I mention that they often have live music via local musicians and DJs???

Here’s another great review of CNY in Syracuse!

The owners of SpaZend, our little treasure we found on the first day in Syracuse, also have a wonderful massage school in the same building – how convenient!

The Onondaga School of Theraputic Massage has both full and part-time programs for those who have been blessed with the gift of touch and wish to become massage therapists – bless them all!!

This school in particular follows each student through their program and after to make sure they have all the support they need. Instead of getting them to state board testing then forgetting about them, Onondaga teachers help graduates with job placement, post grad schooling and internships and just plain good advice and guidance.

But it gets even better, people! There is a yoga studio above the vegan cafe Strong Hearts that specializes in 6 week yoga programs for stress reduction, balance and core strength. Be still my heart…you may never need to actually leave this one building…

After touring CNY and Onondaga, we wanted to stretch our legs a bit. Spending time outdoors is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress and soak up some extra oxygen. Upstate New York is gorgeous, and when we heard about Pratts Falls Park, we had to go see what all the fuss was about.

When I think of upstate New York, I think of the green rolling hills and trees. Pratts Falls Park, about 25 minutes outside of downtown Syracuse, exemplifies this mental image. Picture scenic trails leading to a 137-foot waterfall with hikers and picnic basket wielding families enjoying the fresh air, rustling water and singing birds. We loved our nature excursion. Nestled in Pratts Falls Park is Camp Brockway, a rustic community-styled lodge in a classic forest location, is a very popular among the locals for weddings, family reunions and company events. I love the idea of a rustic wedding surrounded by thick green woods and big blue sky. If you are in the area and looking for a venue, check this place out!

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