Sycracuse Spa Spotlight: Spazend and Strong Hearts Cafe

I recently made the trek across the country to visit the beautiful and very green Syracuse, NY. Downtown Syracuse reminds me of the University grounds themselves. The old yet beautiful red brick buildings are decorated with white stone detailing and bright green parks are dotted throughout the city’s winding streets.

After a red-eye flight (now I know first hand why they are called the red-eye…eck) I was exhausted and more than ready to hit the spa. Our hotel was perfectly located right next door to the adorable Spazend. It turns out that this spa is pretty popular with the locals and tourists alike, yet the atmosphere in the retail area and lounge oozes tranquility. The building itself is old and historic, complete with large original windows and creaking wooden floors. These buildings always remind me of where I lived in Paris the last summer of college. I half expected there to be a big basket of fresh baguettes at the bottom of the staircase…but back to the spa.

Spazend is an Eastern-influenced day spa and very very private. Upon checking in with the front desk, you are offered cucumber water and lemon cookies and led through heavy doors into a candlelit hallway. From here, you are invited to relax in the lounge or escorted further into the women’s locker room to collect your fluffy robe and slippers. Spazend specializes in custom massage therapy, but also offers a range of facials, body treatments and nail services. I highly recommend this spa to anyone traveling into Syracuse.

The other wonderful thing about Spazend is that they are right across the hall from an amazing Vegan Cafe called Strong Hearts. I was pre-warned about this place and their delicious menu of vegan cupcakes, smoothies, tofu scrambles, sandwiches and more. I can personally vouch for their vegan cinnamon french toast, spicy tofu scramble, organic fair trade coffee, kombucha and vegan BLT…YUM! Strong Hearts Cafe has been highly reviewed in several vegan and vegetarian food blogs as well as yelp. They have some very tasty food y’all, even you meat and cheese lovers will be impressed!

After my spa visit and full belly, I headed back to rest at the hotel. Next stops on the list were the local massage school and yoga studio, as well as an excursion to Pratts Falls Park (so gorgeous.) Posts on those to come, stay tuned!

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