The Spirit of Aloha

Alo = presence ha = breath

The Hawaiian islands are all about experiencing the spirit of Aloha. From the second we landed on Maui, that’s what we heard. “Aloha!” I used to think that this was simply Hawaiian for “hello,” but the true meaning is so much more than a polite greeting. The spirit of Aloha means slowing down and enjoying the present moment, which is truly beautiful (especially when you are on Maui.)

Many of us get tangled in our daily schedules of work, deadlines, errands, and responsibilities and forget to take time to “smell the flowers” if you will. I think Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Partly due to emerald mountains, abundant fragrant flowers, black rock beaches and impossibly blue water. Partly due to the feeling you get while here. Breathing slows and gets deeper, sunsets are held in reverence, stars are gazed upon in wonder, good waves are not taken for granted, and sitting inside on a pretty day is almost considered criminal. People are happier here. Maybe it’s because they are on vacation, or maybe it’s because they are practicing the spirit of being in the present breath…the present moment.



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