Spa-ing in Maui at the Grand Wailea

After all that hiking on the road to Hana, we were ready for some serious pampering. And, where would one go for serious pampering in Maui? The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa, of course!

When making an appointment at Spa Grande, they advise you to arrive at least one hour early. There is a very good reason for being extra early…a 50,000 square foot relaxation area fully equipped with steam rooms, saunas, fancy showers, soaking tubs and more.

This space “offers unique treatments and exceptional service — appealing to both first-time spa goers and repeat spa-savvy guests. Uniting Thalassotherapy, Ancient Eastern and Hawaiian Philosophies, and Advanced Technology, Spa Grande addresses one´s inner and outer beauty simultaneously”

Speaking of Hawaiian Philosophies, there is an entire section devoted to Hawaiian beauty soaking tubs. Choose between White Orchid and Vanilla, Spirulina, Papaya Mango and several other special Hawaiian soaks which combine natural sea salts with botanical extracts to nourish mind, body and skin.

We just had to sample them all, and took time to soak in each tub thoroughly absorbing the benefits, before rinsing in a special Vichy inspired shower, then hopping into the next tub.

I also really enjoyed the Japanese beauty section, where they have warm soaking tubs, cold plunge tub and “Japanese style” showers: these are basically seated showers but were so cute with special areas for shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing.

We took a quick break to snack on Mango Honey Tea and organic fruit, before being whisked into our complimentary Mango Honey Body Scrub. This reminded me of my favorite spa in Paris (Les Bains du Marais) where each spa treatment was proceeded by a fully body scrub down. The therapist used two gentle loofahs to massage a good-enough-to-eat mango honey butter scrub from head to toe, then gently rinsed my skin clean and sent me back into the relaxation area wrapped warmly in my fluffy spa robe.

By the time my esthetician picked me up for my facial, I was in spa heaven. What makes spa heaven even better? How about an organic deep cleansing facial to the sound of Hawaiian music and ocean waves. That’s right, my facial room had ocean views, so we left the windows open to enjoy the breeze and sound of the waves. (While my esthetician spoiled my skin, my spa-going partner had an amazing massage which she described as the perfect combination of relaxing and therapeutic.)

The Spa Grande uses several product lines, but I wanted to stick with the organic ingredients, so we used Eminence Organics. If you’ve never used these products, they are based in fruit and herbal pulps and use the entire ingredient instead of extracts. Their masks are brightly colored and practically eatable. Because I had been in the sun and was a bit dehydrated (whoops) my esthetician chose hydrating products with stone crop, blueberry, lime, and rosehips. Now, resort facials are not usually as therapeutic and detail oriented as, say the facials at bien-etre spa…ha! But, this facial was very hydrating and soothing and perfect for what I needed.

After our treatments, we got dolled up and ready for dinner, drinks and another beautiful Maui sunset on the beach.

Next up on the spa front: Kapalua’s Spa at the Ritz Residences!


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