Spa Review: Aqua Day Spa

This spa is located in the middle of car dealerships and Korean BBQ restaurants, so I was a little skeptical at first glance. After my first visit, the skepticism has been replaced with pure love.  I affectionately call this place “The Naked Spa.” Why, you ask? Because when you visit Aqua Day Spa – you leave your clothes, and your modesty, in the locker room. It is a traditional Korean health spa (similar to the Turkish baths I’ve visited in Europe) where everyone is naked. Well, not the employees (although the massage therapists are in sports-bra-esque bathing suits.) And for good reason. The spa is divided into men’s and women’s sections and once you enter through the locker room, therapeutic hot baths, cold plunges, showers and steam rooms fill the air with warm mist. All of these help detoxify the body, increase healthy circulation and clear the skin. They have a wonderful infrared clay sauna complete with bamboo mats on the floor and salts hanging from the walls. The salt detoxifies and re-mineralizes the skin. Infrared light emits heat and provides tons of health benefits like calming inflammation, increasing serotonin and stimulating collagen. Many people go to Aqua Spa for these amenities alone. They even have a monthly unlimited membership option.

I chose to go one step further into the experience and schedule a full body scrub treatment. Boy was I in for a treat! After an hour of heating, cooling, sweating, showering and generally relaxing, I was called over to the scrub area where a very petite Korean woman patiently waited amongst dozens of massage tables covered in heavy plastic tarp. I climbed atop my plastic table and was immediately slapped with a bucket of very warm soapy water. My therapist then proceeded to scrub every inch of me, removing ALL of the dead skin I didn’t even know I had. After attacking me with several more buckets of warm water, she massaged me with a combination of oil and milk (yes, milk,) washed my face and hair and doused me again. The last time I felt this clean and smooth and radiant was leaving Les Bain du Marais in Paris (my favorite Turkish Bath.) I had no idea San Diego had anything similar but now that I do, I’m making Aqua spa a monthly habit. Especially when I found out that my 2 ½ hour spa experience (and new skin) cost $60!

For those of you living in the San Diego area – GO HERE. It’s worth getting naked for!

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