Searching for my favorite studio: Yoga Tropics and Bindu Yoga

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For the last month, Ive been sweating it out at Yoga Tropics in Encinitas. This studio is POPULAR, which means you are always guaranteed a packed class. I actually like this, because it brings more energy into the room and makes the class feel more invigorating and inspiring. If you are not OK with OPS (other people’s sweat) maybe this place is not for you. Call me a hippie, but I dont mind sweating profusely whilst someone 2 feet away is doing the same in triangle pose. At first, I thought hot yoga would be too much for me. Too much heat, that is – I was concerned Id feel short of breath and forget to concentrate on the poses. I was pleasantly surprised. The heat in the room was such a nice contrast to the cooler waether outside. My muscles (and mind) relaxed much faster in these classes and sweating felt so theraputic. Sweating is also amazing for the skin. It helps release toxins stuck in the skin and debris stuck in the pores. I took advantage of a “locals only” monthly pass special ($89, what??)

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I’d love to continue frequenting this studio, but I wanted to try Bindu Yoga in Del Mar – their monthly passes were much more reasonalble long-term, and non-heated classes have their benefits too!
Funny side note: Yoga Tropics is located next door to one of my favorite Italian restaurants and every evening I waled out of class straight into the wafing scent of hot garlic bread…mmmmm

BINDU YOGA STUDIO is a yogic sanctuary in the heart of Del Mar Village. Bindu is dedicated to the path of love, devotion, service, truth, gratitude and community. As a Studio and a collective of Yoga Teachers, we are fully committed to serving you on your path of healing, balance, joy, and celebration of life. We are honored to offer daily yoga classes and a wide array of workshops and special events

This adorable studio is located in the heart of scenic seaside Del Mar (and is just a few miles down the street from bien-etre spa – convenient!) Classes offered here range form Vinyasa Flow (a favorite) to heart-opening Anasura, inspiring Jivamukti and even restorative.

What makes this studio even better is that they have several classes each day and offer a monthly unlimited yoga pass for just $99! If you go to 3 or more classes each week, that comes to about 7 bucks or less per class – nice! Although I do LOVE Yoga Tropics, Bindu Yoga is the studio for me (for the next few months anyway.)

What’s your favorite studio in San Diego? Are there any others I absolutely have to try?

Oh, and here are a few of my yoga necessities:

Manduka Yoga Mat in natural rubber

Lululemon, baby!

Lounge pants that are as soft as can be

Yogitoes Towel to keep from slipping all over the place in class

Soft Yoga Hoodie to wear to and from class: Spiritual Gangster

glass water bottle from Lifestyle

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