Remembering Yoga Swami: in Search of a New Yoga Studio

Yoga Swami was our absolute favorite yoga spot in Encinitas. Unfortunately for us and many other yoginis, it had to close its doors earlier this year. Yoga Swami was a donation-based yoga studio located in a yurt in the middle of a relaxation garden on rented land. Because all proceeds went directly to the yoga teachers, they were unable to keep their space in this unstable market.

We went to support Yoga Swami last year at a yoga stand-in, which helped them last an additional six months, but sadly their time is up. So…that means we are in search of a new favorite yoga studio to call home. Yoga is a powerful tool for de-stressing, detoxifying and strengthening. It will teach you to breathe more effectively, so that you actually get more oxygen (which is essential to maintain your skin’s optimal health.) Yoga is also one of the only exercises that actually massages internal organs and promotes good posture. Both of these things are important for overall wellness. The stress relief alone is reason enough for me to put in my time on the mat every week. See our post on yoga and skin health here.

For the next week, bien-etre will be exploring Encinitas yoga studios and will post reviews for each. If you have any suggestions, please send them our way!

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