Rainy Day is San Francisco: Redwood Room & Kabuki Springs

Our San Francisco home base, The Clift Hotel, was built in 1934 and in more recent years underwent a $50 million renovation to bring new modern touches to the architectural details of the 30’s era.
Alas, there was no spa added in the renovation, but that gave us the excuse to explore some great spas in the city (more on that in a bit.)

What the hotel did have however, is The Redwood Room. This amazing art deco hotel bar is nothing like others you’ve seen. The stately room is completely covered in paneling from ONE 2000-year-old redwood tree, complete with wood inlays of trees, bears and other wooded scenes. There are huge (I mean it) solid redwood columns all down the center of the room, and ceilings as high as…well, you can imagine. As I mentioned earlier, it was originally built in 1934 and has kept most of the original features. Ive wanted to see this place for a few years now, and had no idea it was located in our hotel until we arrived! The amber glow from this room is remarkable and draws you in and beckons you to order a glass of Brandy on a rainy day like the one we were having…but that would have to wait until after the spa previews.

We’ve visited several San Francisco spas which we still love: Senspa, IO, True, and others. This trip, we wanted to find something a little different this time, and I think we did…

photo credit: Frankie Frankeny

Located in Japantown is a very cool spa called Kabuki Springs. These “bathhouse” inspired spas are all over Europe and Los Angeles, so I was pleased to see San Francisco represent as well.Kabuki Springs is a…say it with me…Japanese Bathhouse where you can enjoy full use of several traditional or more modern baths like soaking tubs, cold plunges, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, etc. The common relaxation area is sleek, dimly lit and inviting. Kabuki Springs also provides a wide range of spa treatments. Some are to be expected: facials and massage. Some are a nice surprise to see on the menu: Javanese Lurlur, Ayurvedic Shirodhara, Abhyanga Massage, Matcha Tea Body Wrap, Acupuncture, and energy work! Kabuki Springs is definitely one to add to your list of spas to visit the next time you are in San Francisco – especially if it’s raining outside!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did go and enjoy my Brandy at The Redwood Room after dinner. Yum!

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