Pesticides and ADHD Connection?

adhd and pesticide

Yet another reason to look for organic, locally grown food has popped up on Reuters.

According to this recent article, studies are showing a connection between certain pesticides commonly used in food and household items and ADHD in children.

This is not directly related to skin care (even though indirectly pesticides can lead to breakouts, irritation and premature skin aging,) but its an important article and deals with general well-being so I wanted to pass it along.

I’ve said it before. Pesticides are just gross when you think about it. I don’t think anyone would willingly ask for pesticides to be added to the food they eat or juice they drink. So why are they still so widely used and why haven’t they been more heavily regulated? Good question. Unfortunately there’s not yet a good answer to go with it. In the meantime, just be aware of what you buy and use / eat / drink on a daily basis so that you know what’s in it.

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