My Morning with the Dalai Lama

Yesterday morning, I had the amazing opportunity to go listen to His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak at San Diego State University. He came to meet with University scientists, researchers and faculty, and give three public talks on ‘Compassion Without Borders.‘ This was his first visit to San Diego, and it has been on my bucket list to see him in person and hear him speak. I joined 12,000 locals at Viejas Arena on campus bright and early on a sunny Socal day ready to soak up this once-in-a-lifetime experience. (side note: for 12,000 people who all had to sit in traffic, be shuttled in, stand in line, go through security, and rush to their seat – there was no complaining, arguing, pushing or shoving – it was the most peaceful and happy crowd I’ve been in!)

He really does remind me of Yoda. He is wise and calm – but so joyful and happy. He literally cracks himself up when he tells a joke, and smiled the whole time. He took the time to bow to each corner of the arena, acknowledging us for being there and thanked every person on stage who helped with the lecture, going to each of them and placing a special white shroud around their neck. He is also very humble, and kept saying ‘I am nothing special. I am just a man.

I think we all left feeling inspired and filled with the joy and peace that radiates from this man. Not a bad way to start my Thursday!

I jotted down some notes while listening to His Holiness, and wanted to share some with you:

~ The real source of strength is truth. Not weapons or money.

~ We all of us have every emotion. We are born with every emotion already in us. The most important emotion is compassion.

~ We feel love strongly at birth. Mothers nurture their babies. Animals do the same…except some turtles. Even crocodiles lay their eggs and stay back but they watch – nurturing. Some turtles though, they lay their eggs and then they leave! The tiny baby turtles must survive on their own. When I found this out I was very surprised. It’s very sad for these turtles.

~ We must nurture our children so they know love. Also, at time of death, there is only love. Money? Not important. Physical body? Not important. Education? Not important. Love – only importance. So, at birth and at death, love is most important. We must look at times in between and make love and compassion most important.

~ Your mental health comes first then physical health. If mentally calm – physically healthy. Physical things only make us happy for a short time. If you are peaceful and calm you can rise above physical situation. But, no physical situation can overcome your state of inner peace.

~ What is the best way to find your path in life if you have lost your way? Future isn’t guaranteed but it’s open and dependent on self confidence. Don’t think narrow like a horse with blinders. If you are desperate and confused it’s due to narrow mind so open your eyes and look around with a more holistic viewpoint – you will find your way.

~We are the same family – now seven billion human beings, actually brothers and sisters. Mentally, emotionally, physically, we are the same. Your blood is my blood, your bone is my bone.
Furthermore, our potential for good things, for constructive things – the same. Also the potential for destructive things – the same.

~ Forgiveness is separating the actor from their action and having compassion for that person. Think how sad this person mentally, emotionally – to do such things. Forgiveness is always necessary, forgetfulness is not. For if we forget completely, we will repeat. Preventing someone from doing wrong again is compassion toward that person too.

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