Monastera Santa Rosa Spa dreaming

I have a collection of spas all over the world that go onto my “bucket” list, and I’ve recently discovered another. Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel and Spa has to be one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe. The spa alone is worth planning a trip here, but combine that with the spectacular views, history (this incredible place used to be a monastery!) privacy, luxury, food and location on the Amafi coast…wow. That’s all I can say.

The spa at Monastery Santa Rosa defines an oasis of spirituality and tranquility unlike any other spa in the world. Harmoniously blending the modern amenities of a decadent spa within the original rustic walls of a 17th-century monastery, a day at the spa will become a journey of discovery.

Each treatment space preserves the ancient vaulted ceilings encasing the monastery’s authentic heritage and atmosphere, instantly transporting guests to another time. Stepping past a towering waterfall into the spa, centuries of history behind the granite tell a tale of community offering sanctuary, healing, and comfort. ~ Monastero Hotel and Spa

Who wants to come with me?




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