Maui Spas: Hotel Hana Maui (Travaasa Hana)

photos courtesy of moi

Maui has some pretty amazing spas! In between hiking, snorkeling, surfing and exploring, we found time to tour some of the best…and even pamper ourselves a bit!

The Road to Hana, and beyond was such a fun adventure during our time in Maui! We saw some of the most beautiful and wondrous things in nature (bamboo forest and 200 ft waterfalls anyone?) We also sampled the BEST coconut ice cream in the world. But another great perk to our 11-hour road trip was passing through the teeny town of Hana with it’s world renowned Hotel Hana Maui Resort and Spa (now the Travaasa Hana.)

The Travaasa property sits on acres of unspoiled and super green Maui coastline, in between Haleakala National Park (think waterfall wonderland) and Hana Cattle Ranch (trust me, these cows are living the high life with ocean views and green pastures.)

photos courtesy of Travaasa Hana

At first glance, it may look like a glamorous summer camp, because the Hotel Hana Maui insists on blending in with surrounding nature so as not to disrupt the amazing views. In fact, guests can choose to stay in hotel suites or opt for private cottages, so in a way…you are “glamping” here. (Glamping = glamorous camping.)

The Travaasa Spa is absolutely lovely and not quite as crowded as the larger resort spas on the island – which we like. The menu offers a nice range of services including body wraps, facials, massage and hand anf foot therapies. After hiking for 3+ hours in the Haleakala National Park, I could have used this treatment in particular:

Ho’ola hou (“to resotre life”) Aromatherapy Massage & Warm Body Wrap
Enjoy the calming and genuine healing properties of pure organic essential oils. This 90-minute customized massage soothes the soul with your choice of Relaxing, Balancing, Warming, Energizing or Fitness premium massage oil blends. Your massage is followed with a warm body wrap to allow this pure oil blend to deeply penetrate your skin. During the wrap, a Harmonizing Ear & Scalp Massage is performed to usher your body and psyche into a state of total relaxation and renewal.

After this long day, we were ready for serious pampering, and that’s just what we got. Stay tuned to find out about our day at Spa Grande at the Grande Wailea Resort.

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