Kauai Spa and Skin Care Inspiration

Kauai has inspired us in so many ways. Here are just a few!

Rich organic Kauai coffee. We tasted some on the morning before our kike in Waimea Canyon and then found it growing a block down the road! Coffee contains caffeine, making it a great skin treatment for cellulite and poor circulation, like in our at-home spa recipe for Coffee Sugar Body Scrub.

Plumeria trees are everywhere in Kauai! I never liked Plumeria Fragrance as I always considered it too floral and a bit too strong…but man did I change my mind when I experienced the real thing! Plumeria grows wild all over the place in Kauai. You cannot drive down a road, paved or otherwise, without passing plumeria trees. They cover the ground in almost every neighborhood and are scattered along almost every beach! Malie Organics loves Plumeria too…so much in fact that they added this signature Hawaiian scent to their body care line, and bien-etre is very proud to offer this amazing line of organic products!

Kauai is famous for it’s Red Clay. Dig up the earth anywhere on the island and your hands will be red. This nutrient rich clay is responsible for some of the most delicious fruit, vegetables and coffee we’ve ever tasted! It also has some pretty great skin benefits too. Red clay helps to gently draw impurities and debris from the surface and pores of the skin. Check out Sanitas Tea Tree Mask for a similar version of this red clay and stay tuned for Kauai Red Clay Treatments in the near future!

‘Na Pali’ translates to The Cliffs in Hawaiian. These beautiful cliffs are home to Ancient burial grounds, spiritual legends, and some of the most difficult and breathtaking hiking in the world. Fresh waterfalls, open-air sea caves, and impassable velvet green peaks filled with healing flora provide the perfect backdrop to the sparkling blue ocean that hundreds of spinner and bottle-nose dolphins, spotted sea turtles, and neon tropical fish call home. We were lucky enough to get an up close and personal look at them and were in awe of such beauty and balance in the world. The Na Pali will continue to inspire new signature spa treatments at bien-etre…so stay tuned!

Black Lava Rock is found on every shore of Kauai beaches and used for everything from building structures to stone massage. Bien-etre offers a Southern California version of this stone massage in our Pamper Facial:

Inspired by the beautiful harmony and balance found in nature, this facial luxuriously hydrates and gently stimulates, bringing balance to the skin with natural enzymes, antioxidants and rich essential oils. A hot-and-cold stone massage is followed by a beautiful décolleté treatment and hydrating mask leaving the skin feeling harmoniously soft and supple. The Pamper Facial is perfect for skin in need of a little extra TLC!

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