Golden Door Spa at the Waldorf Astoria

The other spa I wanted to check out in Naples is the Golden Door Spa at the Waldorf Astoria – very fancy pants! The Waldorf Astoria is a gorgeous modern hotel in the “newer” part of Naples. Overlooking both the Gulf of Mexico and most of Naples, this hotel offers everything you’d expect from a luxury resort…including an amazing spa!

Golden Door Spas are known worldwide for their prestigious reputation. When Golden Door partners with a spa the expectation is a premiere pampering experience, and the Waldorf Astoria Naples does not disappoint. The spa has an East meets West feel to it, complete with spa bungalows built over ponds and water gardens and a “floating” salon. You are encouraged to wander throughout the indoor / outdoor facilities, walk the gorgeous stone labyrinth and use the fitness center, relaxation areas and what I like to call “water therapy rooms,” consisting of pools, saunas, steam showers, hot tubs and more.

As for services, the spa offers a nice array of massages and facials. They also offer “body rituals” like mud and green tea wraps, post-sun treatments and (my personal favorite) the Avocado, Citrus Blend and Sea Salt Scrub. (Hmmm…This would make for a very good guacamole recipe too, now that I’m thinking of it.) Avocado contains essential fatty acids that help to soften and plump the skin, while citrus essential oils brighten and clarify and sea salt re-mineralizes and exfoliates dead skin. The result is perfectly smooth skin that smells like a combination of the sea and citrus. Yum!

Touring this spa made me very excited for our next and final stop on our trip to Naples: The Naples Botanical Gardens. These gardens are home to plant species from all over the world, many of which can be found in popular skincare products…more on that later!

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