FL Trip: Organic Coffee & Exploring Barrier Islands

After wandering through the famous sponge docks of Tarpon Springs, FL we needed to cool off a bit. That Florida sun will get you! Eco Bean in Tarpon Springs is a fantastic choice for those wanting a natural pick-me-up. The bonus? Not only are all the coffee drinks and teas organic and fair trade, they offer a huge selection of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. We sat in Eco Bean’s side garden while sipping our kale, pineapple and strawberry smoothies and then headed out to explore the Suncoast barrier islands.

These islands fall off the west coast of Florida and several of them are sponge diving locations. To say that these islands are beautiful is an understatement. They reminded me of some of the islands off the western coast of Panama. The islands are small enough to walk all the way around and consist of white sand beaches, sand dollars and shells. Some have mangroves, some just have soft grasses. We pulled our boat right up to several of these small islands, swimming in the ocean, collecting shells and admiring the peacefulness. Unfortunately for us, we were not able to do any sponge diving. We did, however, see many sponge dock tour boats pass by filled with tourists!

The next leg of our trip took place in Naples. FL. As you may have read from previous posts, we’ve been there before to stake out some great spas. This time, we’re checking out two different (and equally fantastic) spas as well as the gorgeous Botanical Gardens which are home to many skin-friendly plants, flowers and seeds.

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