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I am constantly scouring the web and my community for new information on skincare, beauty and wellness. Sometimes I discover little gems that don’t necessarily fit into these categories, but do encourage general well being, and I cannot help but share them with all of you. Here are 5 of my latest discoveries: some local, some national – all inspirational!

Leslie Anne Photo Finish

Leslie Anne is a photographic artist and a true perfectionist with her work. She specializes in portrait photography: everything from engagement shots to family photos with some of the most texturally beautiful backdrops in San Diego. What I find truly unique about Leslie, though, is that she offers creative “senior photos” for high school students who don’t want to rely on the typical yearbook photo as their classic high school identity. (I distinctly remember waiting in a very long line very early in the morning for my senior photos which were done Glamor Shots-style in a studio.) Leslie’s senior photos are the exact opposite experience, and they really capture the personality of each teen…what a great idea!

Nurture Baby

I have a dream of making all my own baby food when I become a mother – whether or not this actually happens will probably depend heavily on time contraints. That is why I love this blog and website on homemade baby food called Nurture Baby. The easy recipes are categorized by the child’s age group and ingredients and they dont require spoecialized kitchen gadgets to make! Whipping up a batch of pureed squash or sweet potatoes and freezing the individual portions for future use sounds so much less intimidating now that I have a guide!

Oh Joy! and Oh Joy Eats!

This blog has been featured on Goop and I stumbled onto it while searching for design ideas. Joy writes about design and also about her passion for food while traveling the country and abroad. The pictures make you want to jump right in and (warning) also make you very hungry!


Another great food blog! Golubka is all about making raw food meals attainable. This mother really knows her stuff when it comes to edible works of art. The food she makes is almost too beautiful to eat…almost. Whether you have extra plums from the farmer’s market you need to use up before they turn to mush or want to find inspiration to add healthy raw food into your diet…you will find your answers here!

Elle Decor Blog

Elle Décor is not a newcomer by any means, but I really never visited their blog until recetly. I absolutely love the celebrity and designer house tours (probably for the same reason I love HGTV.) Elle also lets you know some of the brands and style tips behind the scenes.

*Photo Credits: Leslie Anne Photo Finish, Nurture Baby, Oh Jo!, Golubka, Elle Decor

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