Fall Spa Trip Preview: Bocas Del Toro Panama

We will be traveling to Panama to visit Red Frog Beach Eco Resort and Spa in Bocas del Toro! Eco Resorts are on the rise, creating a niche for nature loving tourists and spa seekers. These green-minded masterpieces provide everything you’d want in a vacation destination without disrupting the natural ecosystem and wildlife.

Red Frog Beach Resort is newly finished and brilliant with both a large eco hotel and private vacation homes with plunge pools and ocean views. Cars are replaced with golf carts and taxis are replaced with small boats to get you where you need to go. Sounds of the Caribbean ocean waves are interrupted only by monkeys, frogs and tropical birds….mmmmmmm sounds like a slice of Heaven on Earth.

The location of our project affords a unique opportunity for our residents and visitors to explore the natural treasures of Bastimentos Island. Simply stated our project’s preserves combined with the adjacent Bastimentos National Marine Park maintain some of the greatest diversity of plant and animal life that can be found anywhere on earth. This marine park and a large portion of the Amistad/Bocas Del Toro region, has been recognized as both a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site. ~Red Frog Beach Resort

Red Frog Beach Resort’s recently opened spa boasts steam rooms, hot and cold tubs, massage, facials, body scrubs and much more. A blend of indigenous ingredients and treatments are offered on the menu and we are looking forward to experiencing some island style pampering!

While in Bocas, we will also have the chance to tour some of the local organic cacao (chocolate) farms to see them process the cacao beans and make organic cocoa butter first hand. Cacao has amazing regenerative and moisturizing properties for the skin and is one of our favorite ingredients for body care. Read our post on cocoa butter and cacao for more information on this ideal skincare ingredient. as well as explore pristine beaches, caves and jungle in search of native wildlife like 3-toed sloths, red dart frogs, giant starfish, marlin, spinner dolphins, and monkeys. Eeeee….we are excited!

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