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Today we can search online to get advice, knowledge and information on virtually any subject matter. This year is bound to be huge in the “blog” arena, people taking to the information highway to stand atop their soapboxes in hopes of influencing, educating and inspiring anyone who cares to stop and read for a bit. In the past, we were able to exchange ideas and referrals at the work water cooler, over the phone, during play groups and meetings, at school…you get the idea. But now…we can tap into the creative minds of someone living on the opposite side of the country and share the wealth with 25 friends via email in about 5 minutes flat. Very cool.

Just this past week, I was able to get some much appreciated advice on a holistic arncia treatment for my beloved chihuahua, Lola, from a holistic vet’s website and blog. This made Lola (and me) very happy! I’ve passed along some terrific homemade baby food recipes, resources for living BPA plastic-free, and beautiful wedding design ideas with a click of my mouse.

I love to learn new ways to bring more fun, health and beauty into our everyday lives…and blogs definitely come in handy. Here are some of my personal favorites this month:

Pure Mamas – great for vegan and raw food ideas, inspiration on living simply, and feeding your kids the very best foods that they will love

Whole Living – from the martha stewart compound comes a great ‘online magazine’

Local Harvest – one of the best resources for food – real food

Lolli Blog – one of the cutest wedding and party design blogs out there!

Pepper Design – filled to the brim with ideas for home decor, entertaining and more

Hostess with the Mostest – a sweet modern touch from this ‘hostess with the most-est’

For even more great blogs, check out the Favorites section to the left!

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