Greenwashing in Cosmetics?


This article from Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team discusses the topic of greenwashing in the current cosmetic industry. Greenwashing is the act of implying that a product or brand is more “green” or “natural” than it really is.

It’s greenwashing when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact.

In some cases, the packaging and branding of skincare or bodycare is completely misleading. I tell my clients to always read labels and be mindful of the products they use. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on advertising and packaging to tell us which products are best for our skin, because they can be very misleading.

Some of the companies listed (and this list is not even half as long as it should be) may surprise you…let me know your thoughts!

Companies know that selling a product as eco-friendly, natural, or green is appealing for many consumers. This can be a grey area and not heavily regulated either. Instead of investing in green and organic ingredients however, they simply change their packaging and branding. Consult your natural practitioner or holistic esthetician, and read ingredient lists. It can be confusing but doesn’t have to be if you know what to look for.

Here’s a list of commonly used ingredients to avoid:

PEG, parfum, perfume, fragrance, EDTA, parabens, petroleum, aluminum, dioxins, PABA, DEET, etc – see graphic above for more!


Baby’s Skin

In honor of my sweet friend who gave birth to her son yesterday, I thought I’d write about my favorite skincare tips for babies. Yes, babies have amazingly soft, sweet skin. (Seriously, can’t we figure out a way to bottle that new baby smell??) However, their skin is very sensitive and can easily dry out from over washing, harsh water and ingredients like fragrance, dyes and chemicals.

Dont over bathe your sweet babe: your newborn or infant is not going to get that dirty all day…that comes with toddler-hood. Daily bathing can disrupt the gentle pH balance of their delicate skin and dry them out.

Always use a gentle cleanser without SLS, parabens or fragrance: I really like this brand, and have also used the Dr. Bronner’s Baby Liquid Soap.

Use pure unrefined organic coconut oil, as long as there’s no allergy, as a body moisturizer and bootie balm: my doula gave me this tip and I swear by it. Coconut oil is full of omegas and antioxidants and is so hydrating without feeling heavy. It’s also naturally soothing and healing!

If you live in an area, like we do, that is known for crummy tap water…it may be a good idea to invest in a bath filter. You can attach it to the bath faucet and water will be purified before reaching the infant tub and your baby’s skin! These are great!

Use the two really great products for diaper rash: Mix ½ tsp of baby probiotic (like this) with coconut oil, or use Earth Mama Angel Baby’s diaper balm (I’ve even mixed the probiotic in this balm too!) Probiotics made specifically for infants are super gentle and can be used anytime (even for newborns). I have used them topically on the bum for rash as well as mixed some into breast milk. Newborns and infants can get Candida build-up or digestive disturbances that can manifest in topical rashes…probiotics help! They are also great for gas and tummy troubles.

When needed, use a talc-free powder: Ditch traditional baby powder and use a talk free version that’s much gentler. I love this one.

New and Improved: Catlalyst PLus AC-11

Osmosis Skincare has just introduced an upgraded version of the beloved Catalyst Serum, called Catalyst Plus AC-11. We love Catalyst so we are very excited about this upgrade.

The core secret of all Catalyst formulations is it’s Zinc Finger Technology. Zinc Finger Technology provides the tools the skin needs to repair DNA and cellular damage, as well as stimulate collagen production. Catalyst AC-11 is the most potent version because it contains higher levels of Zinc Finger Technology and the research-proven DNA repair tool known as AC-11. AC-11 has been shown to increase DNA repair by 33%. In addition to the increase in potency, this version of Catalyst contains Aloe, Zinc and Vitamin E which makes it more soothing. The combination of technologies makes this a remarkable product for aging, capillaries, pigmentation, skin tags and more.

I love a skincare company that is constantly researching and improving upon itself…Thank you Osmosis!

Product Spotlight: Osmosis Restore Serum

I’ve recently added a new game changer to my skincare arsenal: Osmosis Restore Serum. Restore is a remarkable product that contains a specialized extract of sweet wormwood (SWE). SWE has been clinically proven to improve and strengthen immune function in the body which should improve overall wellness and conditions that relate to our immune system.

Target your skin directly to correct existing areas of inflammation and pigmentation. Sweet Wormwood Extract works to heal the damaged skin cells in the dermal-epidermal junction that signal the melanocyte to over-produce pigmentation. (I’ve mentioned the importance of the this “junction” before here.) Once the cell is healed it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. Sweet Wormwood Extract has the ability to calm inflammation, but even more exciting is its ability to promote wound healing at the same time. Acne, rosacea, burns, bug bites and everything else will get better.

Resore heals the cause of inflammation and hyperpigmentation on all skin types.

Full ingredient List:

Internal Restore: Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Extract of Sweet Wormwood

Topical Restore: Purified Water, Cyclodextrin, Carbomer, Glycerin, Sweet Wormwood Extract

“In November 2012, I decided to give Osmosis a shot at removing my melasma that had appeared on both sides of my face 3 months after I delivered my son. They were the size of golf balls. The left side of my cheek actually looked like the state of California, seriously! I had been using a prescription cream of hydroquinone from a dermatologist for the past 6 months that had done absolutely nothing to improve my melasma condition. It only served to make my cheeks red and swollen. I looked like I had a very bad sunburn, not to mention how sensitive my skin became. Applying lotion or even just washing my face was a painful experience. Then I started using the Osmosis Skincare line. I figured I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything else out there. After 30 days of use I experienced a 50% decrease in my melasma! I was so happy and thankful something finally worked, that I incorporated several other products into my skin care regimen from the Osmosis Skincare line. My melasma is almost all gone and it has only been 4 months. I wish I would have known about Osmosis a long time ago. It feels great to not worry about using make-up or concealer to hide my face anymore!” ~ Yolanda

The before and after photo above (courtesy of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare) shows the extent of what Restore can do when used topically. These results were seen after 180 days of using Restore Topical daily. The client also received a Retinaldehyde Facial Treatment. My clients love this facial treatment because it delivers results and is super gentle on the skin.

Much of the information from this post came from Dr. Ben Johnson and the Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare website – for more information on Osmosis and Restore, visit them here!

Natural Lip Balms for Kissable Lips

Kiss Petroleum Goodbye! I’ve written about lip balm before, and how many of us are completely addicted to it. Most lip balms like chapstick, use petroleum based ingredients to moisturize and protect lips. Petroleum is not only toxic, it coats the lips and blocks proper absorption of moisture, which in turn makes your lips more dry and dependent on balms.

However, lips do need a little extra moisture…as long as it comes from a natural source like nut or plant oils. I’m a fan of plain ol’ cocoa butter or coconut oil, but these can be difficult to throw in your purse or pocket. Here are three of my new favorite balms. They are as cute as they are moisturizing:

I love these adorable little lip pods. They are stylish, easy to apply and taste great – my only “beef” with them is that the sunscreen they contain is not natural.

Honest Lips

I just love this company and these lip balms stand up to their name. They are honestly naturally and wonderful.

Eco Lips

I love that the eco lip balms are inexpensive and come in an tinted option.

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