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Loving Lavender

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Lavender has so many wonderful benefits for the mind, body and skin. It is one of the most universally used essential oils. From the kitchen to the spa, lavender is considered a vital ingredient. This time of year, with shopping, party planning, overindulging and traveling on the agenda, lavender comes in handy! Here are just some of my favorite uses for lavender essential oil. How do you like to use it?

Anti-fungal – add to tea tree oil for toenail fungus and other fungal skin irritations

Calming – use in aromatherapy or massage for calm mind

Headache relief – add a few drops to some eucalyptus in a tissue and inhale, or add a few drops to massage oil for neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension headaches.

Sleep aid – soak in a bath fragranced with organic lavender essential oil before bedtime, or add some dried lavender to your chamomile tea.

We found this great article packed with additional information on this wonder herb!

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Wonderous Apple Cider Vinegar

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I love Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in homemade salad dressing…but this wonder-liquid is so much more than a condiment. Both of these great articles point out some of the creative ways to use ACV in the house, for your health and (of course) in your beauty regimen!

28 Health & Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar to the Rescue – 10 Ways

My favorite non-salad related uses listed are the homemade toner, post sunburn elixir and house cleaner. What’s yours?

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Ingredient to Love: Sweet Wormwood Extract

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I recently posted about a new product in the Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare line called Restore that I absolutely love! The main active ingredient in Restore topical and internal products is Sweet Wormwood Extract. While this ingredient may be relatively unknown to the skincare world, it has been used for years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat a number of illnesses and imbalances. Everything from Hemorrhoids to Malaria has seen relief from the use of this herbal extract.

SWE is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Because the skin is a self-healing organ, the additional help of SWE to aid in wound healing and remodeling at the cellular level is welcomed. This ingredient can be used on any skin type and condition. I highly recommend Restore to my clients because it is proven effective treating acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and melasma, both in the short and long term.

It has been clinically proven to improve and strengthen immune function in the body which should improve overall wellness and conditions that relate to our immune system. – Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

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Essential Oils for Gum Health

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In my latest shipment from Living Libations, I had them add in some essential oil drops for healthy gums and teeth so that I could add it into my daily routine. I’ve heard so much about the Natural Dentistry” products and have wanted to try it out for a while now. The idea is to brush gently floss gently and treat the gum line with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils in order to maintain a healthy mouth without the use of fluoride or harsh synthetic ingredients. Here’s more on Living Libations’ Healthy Dentistry Philosophy. Their Healthy Gum Drops (what I will be using for all of November) include cinnamon, sea buckthorn berry, tea tree, clove, rose, oregano, peppermint and thyme.

I’ve used essential oils to clean my house, scent my laundry, boost my massage oil, and make my skin treatments more lovely and beneficial…but I have to admit that I’ve never used them as part of my oral care routine. I will let you know at the end of this month how I’m doing with these Healthy Gum Drops. Until then, let me know what you think!

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Natural Lip Balms for Kissable Lips

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Kiss Petroleum Goodbye! I’ve written about lip balm before, and how many of us are completely addicted to it. Most lip balms like chapstick, use petroleum based ingredients to moisturize and protect lips. Petroleum is not only toxic, it coats the lips and blocks proper absorption of moisture, which in turn makes your lips more dry and dependent on balms.

However, lips do need a little extra moisture…as long as it comes from a natural source like nut or plant oils. I’m a fan of plain ol’ cocoa butter or coconut oil, but these can be difficult to throw in your purse or pocket. Here are three of my new favorite balms. They are as cute as they are moisturizing:

I love these adorable little lip pods. They are stylish, easy to apply and taste great – my only “beef” with them is that the sunscreen they contain is not natural.

Honest Lips

I just love this company and these lip balms stand up to their name. They are honestly naturally and wonderful.

Eco Lips

I love that the eco lip balms are inexpensive and come in an tinted option.

pixel | Natural Lip Balms for Kissable Lips | skin care 101 skincare product knowledge key active ingredients at home spa

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