Favorite Cookbooks

vegetarian cookbooks

Due to my cleanse, I have been cooking up a storm. Prepping gluten and sugar-free snacks, creating nutrient dense vegetarian meals from whole foods, and exploring the world of home made dressings and sauces. I have rekindled my love affair with cooking from scratch and have the messy kitchen and dirty dishes to prove it! I usually pin my favorite recipes to Pinterest or scour social media and blogs, which are terrific resources for meal inspiration. However, I have recently started collecting more cookbooks, and adore having them in my kitchen! There are so many amazing whole foods, vegan and vegetarian cookbooks from seasoned chefs, food bloggers and the like. I find myself reading cookbooks like romance novels…I even took one with me to the beach to read. I guess that comes with earning a Master’s in nutrition – you really start to pay attention to the fuel you put in your body!

My favorites so far:
Oh She Glows
The Green Kitchen
The French Market Cookbook
Thug Kitchen
Nourishing Traditions

What are your favorites? Please share…no seriously – I want to go cookbook shopping!!

Best of the West: Spas

By far, my two favorite spas in the Southwestern desert are La Posada de Santa Fe in New Mexico and Mirival Resort and Spa in Arizona. Each place is truly unique and very special. From gourmet food, to peaceful surroundings and luxurious pampering spa treatments, these spa resorts are tough to beat when you want to get away from it all. They even offer extras like classes on health, counseling, mediation, local art, live music, events, yoga, hiking and much more!
If you are ever in the areas, please stop by for a visit…and if you need a great spa getaway – these two destinations are really perfect!

More Yoga Benefits

If you needed even more motivation to make it to yoga class, here it is! Lose belly fat, get better sleep, stress less and crave less junk…yes please!! As a yoga-lover, I can honestly say I enjoy all these benefits when I make yoga a regular practice. Start with a monthly unlimited pass (usually at a very special price) or just once a week. Go to class or download a yoga workout and downward dog in your living room. Trust me, yoga works wonders….and also helps clear your skin!


I kinda like this sentiment…

Instagram Inspiration

Im a newbie over on Instagram…I know, I know! I love sharing photos from our daily life with friends and family. More than that, I love how Instagram has become my daily dose of health and beauty inspiration.

If you aren’t yet on Instagram, join! If you are, think about following these natural beauties:

Each of these lovely ladies post almost daily photos of healthy food, inspiring thoughts and motivational moments. I look at their green smoothies, huge salads, yoga mats and sunsets and think to myself…I need more of that today!!

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