Transform Your Skin Naturally, by Dr. Ben Johnson

We picked up this terrific skincare book at the latest skincare and spa conference in Long Beach. Dr. Ben Johnson, formulator and owner of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare, is a leading expert in non-invasive skincare technology.

As a medical doctor, he is able to combine medical and technological advances with his passion for gentle and effective ingredients that cause no harm. Speaking of that, isnt it a mandatory vow each medical school graduate must make to “first, cause no harm?”It’s refreshing to see not only a doctor, but a skincare formulator practice this motto passionaltely.

We had the opportunity to sit in on a lecture Dr. Johnson was conducting on new stem cell growth factor and zinc finger technology and what they mean for skin conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and aging. Transform Your Skin Naturally is a wonderful book for anyone wanting a better understanding of how their skin functions on a healthy level, what happens when skincare becomes too invasive and controlling, and how to achieve the best results for their skin using gentle, smart skincare.

A copy of this book is in our spa library at our skincare studio in Solana Beach, but its also available on Amazon for a great price – check it out!

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