Favorite Health and Wellness Magazines

We love a good magazine, and openly confess to flipping through the gossip, health and food glossies at the grocery store checkout more often than not. So when it became time to update our magazine subscriptions for the spa, we wanted to see if any new publications would peak our interest…and boy were we impressed! Here are some our current favorites, each with a nice combination of healthy inspiration for clean and green living, recipe ideas, self improvement, and current issues. Some of these magazines also offer a PDF subscription option – for those of you who want to be even more green!

Sunset Magazine – This magazine focuses on all things West Coast. From recipes and gardening tips to road trip ideas and boutique hotel reviews, this magazine is a constant source of inspiration to get out and fully experience living on the West Coast.

Eating Well – Great for meal ideas and nutrition information for those of us wanting to clean up our diets, eat more whole foods and get creative with ingredients that would otherwise make us a little uncomfortable (kale, tempeh, etc.)

Yoga International – For those who love yoga or are currently wanting to add yoga into their workout routines, this magazine explains poses, provides tips for your practice (no matter what level) and adds in helpful information on herbs, meditation, food, and more!

Experience Life – This magazine does a great job of blending inner and outer beauty and health inspiration. It provides a refreshing twist to your typical Men’s and Women’s Health Magazines.

Vegetarian Times – Are you a vegetarian and stuck in the rut of making the same dishes over and over? For us it was stir fry, tacos and salads…Vegetarian times has some great ideas for introducing easy meat-free meals to mix up the normal routine.

Natural Health – The title pretty much sums it up for this magazine, Natural. Health. A great mix of articles, how-to’s and bulleted information on ingredients, household cleaners, etc.

Whole Living – Similar voice as Prevention Magazine, but covers a wide range of healthy living topics. This magazine is a bit more mainstream so more advertisements are expected, but the articles are in depth and provide new information and ideas.

Well Being Journal – A truly great resource for bringing well-being into your everyday life. The sources are highly respected and the articles are in-depth with up-to-date education on current health and wellness issues.

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