Book Review: Sugar Blues

William Duffy wrote a book in 1986 that will make you want to reject refined sugar for the rest of your life. In Sugar Blues, Duffy explains the history of sugar and why it’s so freaking addictive. He recounts his personal health battles attributed to sugar intake, and reports on several research studies that just might shock you. Sugar really had ZERO nutritional value. We love it because it’s sweet – but it may be tricking our taste buds.

As humans, our taste buds are set on sweet. Sweet in nature usually equals dense amounts of energy in foods. If we were all hunter gatherers fighting tigers before bedtime, we would need this energy. The funny thing is…in nature, sugar is incorporated in foods that also have protein or fiber so that our bodies can handle it. Science has allowed us to extrapolate sugar and make it into a, well, super sugar (hello high fructose corn syrup.) In the mid 20th century we also declared war on anything unrefined and went to great lengths to make sure all our food was white: rice, flour, sugar, margarine…and the result was – disease! Did we win this war on food? Nope.

Duffy brings to light the results of ingesting too much sugar, and will have you cleaning out your pantry even before you finish the book. It’s an easy read, and since so many of my clients suffer from skin conditions caused or made worse by sugar intake – it’s worth a post! Get the book here.

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