A Book Event to Inspire Cruelty-Free Product Choices

I was invited by a dear client to attend a special book event on The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them. This book, written by Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle discusses the disconnect from our beloved pets and the thousands of helpless animals across the country that don’t sleep at our feet. We love our dogs, cats, birds and other unofficial family members, but do we connect this care to the food and product choices we make everyday? This is especially important as animal rights issues are being brought to light with our farming practices and in the wake of movies like The Cove, TV shows like “Whale Wars,” and the Michael Vick scandal.

The event wasn’t about pulling on heart strings or showing horrific footage of animal abuse, it was more about steps we can each take every day that amount to small victories for better animal care.

My favorite quote from the evening was “It’s not as much about animal rights as it is about human responsibility.”

So, in honor or our furry friends, I wanted to share with you two lists that I found really useful in making product choices. One is a list of all the companies that STILL conduct animal testing. The second, a list of companies who do not test on animals. Download both lists here in Word or PDF format

Surprisingly, some of the major brands that still conduct animal testing are Procter and Gamble, L’oreal and Johnson and Johnson. That is huge! Why? Because these three companies account for hundreds of brands if not more.

Aveeno, Clorox, Band-aid, Arm & Hammer, Crest, many perfume labels, Clariol, Garnier, Febreeze, Glade, Olay, Lancome, Max Factor, Oral-B, Fresh Step…even products like Clorox Green Works!!

The list is overwhelming, to say the least. I recently went to the drugstore to buy a few household items and found that several of our regular products were on the naughty list. I made a silent promise to replace each of them with gentler alternatives. This is what Wayne would call a victory for animals.

Some companies that take a stand against animal testing are:

Aromabella, Sanitas Skincare, DNA Skin, Jadience, Zensuals, Malie Organics, Aramis, Bare Escentuals, Bonnie Bell, Boscia, Biotone, Bumble and Bumble, CO Bigelow, Burt’s Bees, California Baby, Kiss My Face, Jane Iredale, OPI, No-Ad, L’Occitane, Seventh Generation, Method Cleaning Products, Jason, Dr. Brauner’s, Planet, Inc., and sooo many more!

Other good news: By 2013, European countries will be enforcing a ban on all animal testing!! Hopefully this will inspire you to change out one or two brands in your own bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

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