Tea Tree Oil Spray: A Natural Sanitizer

Are we overdoing it with hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap? I think so. Recent research suggests that frequent or daily use can actually limit your body’s ability to fight off harmful bacteria by decreasing healthy bacteria. There is also some argument over the safety of certain synthetic solutions used in common antibacterial soaps, gels and lotions.

Fortunately there are certain natural ingredients that kill bacteria and are much gentler on the body. Tea tree oil is a personal favorite. Mixed with a bit of distilled water, tea tree can be used to kill bacteria and keep fungus at bay. For more information on the benefits of this great essential oil, read here.

Tea Tree Oil Spray

  • 5-10 drops Pure Tea Tree Oil
  • 1 Cup Distilled Water
  • 3-4 drops of Lavender can be added for scent!

Combine in a small spray bottle, preferably not plastic, and shake gently to blend.

I keep a mini spray bottle in the hubby’s gym bag and in each car. Use it on the shopping cart handle, on your hands after handling money, on the yoga mat or workout equipment post sweat, and in sneakers that need a little “airing out.

For normal hand washing and showers, I suggest using a natural soap (non antibacterial) and warm water. That way, antibacterial products are used only when necessary and not overdone.

For more information on the antibacterial debate, read these articles.

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