Spa Water Recipe

spa-waterOver the years, I’ve seen many different spa lounge and relaxation room set-ups and I have to say that one of my favorite parts has always been the creative yummy flavored water I enjoy while meditating in the sauna or soaking my feet, waiting for my massage therapist to whisk me away.

I’m sharing one of the best spa water recipes with you – it makes for a beautiful party presentation, and will definitely encourage you to drink more water!

  • prepare an ice cube tray *preferred if using a water bottle, or a few small plastic disposable cups (Solo, Dixie)
  • slice ingredient of choice (try mixing some of these together:  strawberries, kiwi, mint, lychee, blueberries, raspberries, limes, lemons, tangerines, cucumber)
  • place your favorite combo or ingredient in the bottom of cups or a small amount in each compartment of ice cube tray
  • fill the ice cube tray or cups with water (if using the cups – fill less than half-way full)
  • place in freezer overnight
  • remove cubes from tray and use like regular ice cubes

*if using plastic cups – remove cups from freezer and run upside down for just a few seconds under hot water to loosen the ice inside – the ice should come right out and can be placed in a pitcher or glass

fill with drinking water and enjoy!

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