Spa Recipes Inspired by Naples Botanical Gardens

Lavender & Thyme Sea Salt Scrub
1 tbsp dried lavender
1 tbsp dried thyme
1 cup sea salt
2 tbsp coconut, jojoba or sweet almond oil

crush lavender and thyme in mortal and pestal (or grind in coffee grinder)
add into bowl with salt and oil
stir until all ingredients are fully incorporated

use on damp skin, massaging in gently circular motion toward the heart
rinse thoroughly in shower or bath

Green Tea & Raspberry Mask
¼ cup organic whole yogurt
1 handful organic raspberries
1 tbsp raw organic honey
1 green tea bag

crush raspberries by hand or in blender, and place in a small bowl
steep tea bag for just a minute to help release properties from tea, then remove crushed tea leaves from tea bag and add to bowl
add in honey and yogurt
stir until all ingredients are fully incorporated

apply mask to clean, damp skin and let sit for at least 15 minutes
rinse thoroughly and follow with appropriate moisturizer

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