Spa Party Ideas

I love a good party, and one of my favorite themes (mostly for the ladies) is a spa party. Spa parties can be really fun and simple and are a great choice for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays or girl’s nights! Here are some of my best spa party ideas…enjoy!

lavender lemonade – make a batch of lemonade sweetened with raw honey. crush a few fresh stalks of lavender flowers and put into lemonade. After a few minutes, pour lemonade through sifter or mesh bag and back into serving pitcher. The lavender quickly infuses into the drink and makes it lovely!

infused water – strawberries, blueberries, oranges, lemons, limes and basil are all great in water – choose your favorite two or three and add into ice water in a large pitcher

make your own sea salt soak or sugar scrub:
have small mason jars, pre-printed label stickers, and bulk ingredients in bowls / jars
sugar scrub: turbinado sugar, coconut oil
sea salt soak: sea salt, pink Himalayan salt
add-in scents (have each in small bowl or dropper bottle for guests to add into their scrub or soak): lavender, rosemary, lemon peel, rose petals, essential oils

facial bar: cleanser, mask, moisturizer, nail and cuticle oil massage
You should have cleansers and basic moisturizers available for guests to use, along with plenty of towels and sink available.

masks: choose a mask, apply to damp skin, and then rinse after 10 minutes
lavender & honey
1 tsp crushed lavender flowers or 2 drops lavender essential oil
1 tbsp raw organic honey

cucumber mint yogurt
½ tsp shaved cucumber
pinch of crushed mint leaves
1 tbsp greek yogurt

clay mask
1 tbsp french green clay or red clay powder (available on, add water slowly until you reach mask consistency – should feel like yogurt

nail oil:
almond oil with lavender and orange essential oils (10 drops essential oil blend for every 1 oz of almond oil) Guests can massage into their nails and hands while masking!

flower crown image source
floral crown workshop:
have greens, wildflowers and some roses or dahlias in assorted jars on a table with some room to work. guests learn how to wrap flowers using floral wire and tape around pre-made wire wreaths… instant party hats!

here are two great sites for this:

give away ideas:
pressure point massage charts for face and hands
take home scrubs and soaks
nail polish and cuticle oil

You get bonus points for hiring a professional to make an appearance! Here are some ideas:
massage chair therapist
reflexology chair therapist
nail tech for polish changes
yoga instructor
makeup artist for post facial bar touch ups

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