My Skin Care Regime

Many of you have asked what my skin care routine is like or which products I have in my regime. So, I thought I’d add it in as a small post to help inspire you to try some new products or ideas at home. I do like to mix it up, so it is always changing a bit. But right now this is what I’ve been doing at home. Please note that while I use lots of products (along with some food items) for face and body, alternating them the way I do allows me to make them last. I get at least 3 months out of most of my products, and some (like Topical C, Moisture Mist, Acne Serum, and Retinol Peeling Cream) last even longer!

Dry Brushing
Every day before I shower, I dry brush to increase circulation and help encourage a healthy lymphatic system. Dry brushing also gentle exfoliates the skin. Read more on dry brushing here.

Cleanse with Aroma Bella Cleansing Lotion or 1 dollup of Raw Organic Honey (on damp skin)
Tone (when needed) with Aroma Bella Aloe Freshner
Treat and hydrate with Sanitas Rejuven-A or Vita Rich Serum and a few pumps of Moisture Mist
Apply Everyday Minerals Foundation or DNA Sol Protection SPF 28

Spot Treating, usually in the evenings, or as needed for healing
Sanitas Topical C is a staple in our home. Both my husband and I use this for lip balm (because many traditional chap-sticks make lips more dry) and as a rapid wound healer for minor burns and irritations.
I love using DNA’s Mediclear Acne Serum for hormonal breakouts as a spot treatment. It works quickly to reduce inflammation and rapidly heal the breakout without drying or depleting the skin!

Cleanse thoroughly (sometimes twice) with Sanitas Glycolic Citrus Cleanser
Treat eye area with DNA Anti-aging Eye Repair crème
Treat and hydrate skin with Sanitas Rejuven-A

Twice a week

Mask and Scrub! I choose between Aroma Bella’s Replenishing Mask and Sanitas’ Tea Tree Mask – both are awesome! I also use Malie Organics’ Renew Body Polish in the shower, which contains Hawaiian sugar, ginger and sweet lime to exfoliate, hydrate and brighten my skin.

*I also really enjoy adding in freshly home-made masks (my current fav is blended organic papaya fruit with raw honey to hydrate and exfoliate,) and will replace my usual weekly mask with a fresh one when I have more down time!

Twice a month
For two evenings in a row, twice a month, I will substitute Sanitas Retinol Peeling Cream (available by special order through the spa) for my usual Rejuven-A in order to give my skin’s metabolism a little “boost.”

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