Simple Avocado Mask Recipe

Avocado is amazing for the skin. Your skin needs fats in order to properly build healthy protein (collagen.) Internally, these fats will help with collagen production and soften skin. Topically, the natural fatty acids form avocado can help soften skin by regulating oil and moisture balance. Avocado is rich in sterols, which are a form of polyphenols that aid in healing and moisturizing.

This simple mask calls for ingredients many of us already have in our kitchen. It’s perfect for any skin condition, but exceptional for dry, sensitive skin types.

Avocado Facial Mask Recipe

1 ripe avocado
, mashed
1 tbsp raw organic honey
1 tbsp almond oil (you can also use olive, coconut or any other plant based oil)

Combine all ingredients in small bowl.
Apply generously to clean, damp face and neck and let sit for at least 15 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly and follow with appropriate moisturizer or treatment serum.

That’s IT. See? I told you it was an easy one!

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