Re-purpose Your Old Stockings for Your Skin’s Health

stockingGot a rip in your stockings? Have they lost their elasticity? Don’t throw them away! Gently wash and dry them, then cut off the feet. These “feet” can be used in lieu of muslin or cheesecloth for bath soaks or eye compresses.

Potato Eye Compresses: Potatoes have a toning effect on the skin. Cut up some leftover potatoes into small pieces and place them in two stocking feet, and tie each one to make two small compresses. Dampen the compresses with hot water and squeeze out any excess so there’s no dripping. Let compresses cool in the fridge. Place the compresses over your eyes and relax for at least 10 minutes. Tired, puffy eyes will be wonderfully relieved and recharged!

Ginger Bath Soak: Freshly cut Ginger in the stocking, then wrap the open end around the tub’s faucet and tie up so that it stays in place. Turn on water and let the tub fill. The warm water will run through the ginger and infuse the bath water. This tub soak is great for relaxing achy, tired muscles. It will also stimulate sweating and makes for a wonderfully detoxifying bath when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. *Add two cups of Epsom Salts, or ½ cup of condensed Sea Water (available in your health food stores) for even more relaxing and detoxifying benefit!

Aromatherapy Bath Tea: Peppermint / Mint, Basil, Rose Petals, or Lavender are all beneficial plants often found in your garden or in the produce section of your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Mint helps to open the sinuses; Basil brightens and tones the skin; Rose and Lavender are softening and calming for the skin and the mind. Place any or all of these fresh herbs / flowers into one stocking foot and tie closed to make a “tea bag.” Place this tea bag in your bath tub and allow it to seep for a few minutes in the warm water. Then, soak away!

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