Rediscovering Tea

I have recently rediscovered the art and joy of tea. Black, green, white, oolong, herbal, loose, and Moroccan mint….for centuries, tea has been an integral part of many traditions due to its health benefits and cultural significance. Id like to think that the taste has something to do with it’s popularity as well.

Tea can be very comforting. Think back to a time when you were sick, heartbroken, stressed, or in need of warmth when its cold, rainy and dreary outside…did anyone offer you a cup of tea? Didn’t it make you feel a bit better? I remember when my college roommate made us Moroccan Mint Tea from scratch (she was form Casablanca) when I was under the weather. The smell of peppermint, the warmth of the teacup in my hands, and the stomach soothing properties of the tea were like a magical elixir.

After reading up on tea therapy, I stumbled across this fantastic list of tea blogs. These people are true tea connoisseurs!

Inspired to make some tea? Take these tips into consideration before you do:

  • Never microwave tea water. Use a traditional teapot on the stove instead. Microwaving water may have negative health effects, and is
    not advised ever.
  • Experiment with loose teas and use a tea strainer!
  • Invest in high quality teas! There are so many amazing varieties of tea and many herbs and flowers in tea blends have added health benefits. I’m currently really loving Tazo African Red Bush, White Peony Tea, Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea, and homemade Moroccan Mint (I substitute raw organic honey for sugar and add extra mint)!
  • Go visit a proper tea shop or store to learn from the experts and try different varieties.

Tea is a great additional to the at-home spa! Drinking tea instead of coffee in the morning is gentler on the system and provides more health benefits. Drinking tea while waiting for your favorite enzyme or clay mask to dry is a great way to take time out and relax. I also like to drink tea after getting out of the soaking tub, to keep me warm as my hair dries! Speaking of baths, bath teas are wonderful to have on hand as well! This can be as simple as adding a few favorite herbal tea bags to your bath water – I prefer herbal teas that contain rose, lavender, chamomile or hibiscus for this. There are also special herbal bath infusions for specific health benefits, like sitz  and herbal baths for new moms, or Epsom salt and mint baths for joint pain. You can make your own, or purchase them pre-made.

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