Ode to the Bath…

Bathing is necessary, but showers are a fairly new concept. For centuries, people have been soaking in baths to cleanse, relax and rejuvenate. Read this for a brief and interesting history lesson on the bath.

Submersing your skin in water allows your skin to fully absorb any nutrients and moisture it needs. Where do you think they came up with such spa treatments as hydrotherapy, mud baths, seaweed wraps and herbal body wraps? The answer: the ritual of soaking. Adding something nutritious for your skin INTO your bathtub while soaking is even more beneficial.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Coconut Milk – add it fresh, or try this great Bath Soak.
  • Essential oils like lavender, rose, geranium, lemongrass, and ylang ylang in a base of jojoba or sweet almond oil
  • Sea Salts or Liquid Concentrated Seawater: best if you are feeling a cold coming on.
  • Herbal Soak: place these loose herbs into a cheesecloth bath and tie around the faucet, allowing the hot / warm water to run through it – or – place herbs into water and soak overnight, then heat on stove for a bit and strain liquid into your bathwater. *herbs to choose from for healing and soothing: chamomile, comfrey, sage, yarrow, thyme and rosehip.
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  1. Amos
    Amos says:

    I’d like to say thanks for the time you took writing this post. You have been enlightening for me. I have passed this on to one of my friends.

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    Easy access showers says:

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