Nature’s Own: Natural Water for Beautiful Summer Skin

Want beautiful summer skin? Ditch the pool and opt for nature’s best swimming options!

Pools contain chlorine. Blah! Not the best ingredient for your skin.

So, as it is nearing bikini time once again, try to take advantage of nature’s own watering holes instead.

Spring – naturally chilly fresh spring water is great for increasing healthy circulation and cleansing the system. the naturally occurring algae and trace minerals in the water also help to remineralize and nourish the skin. Cold water is said to keep skin youthful!

Lake / River – again the cold water can be invigorating for your skin, giving you a nice break from the daily hot shower! Rivers and streams feed into lakes, bringing with them nutrients from the soil that benefits your skin. Not to mention that regular swimming can do wonders for your overall health!

Ocean – salt water can help to clear congestion in the skin as well as remineralize and detoxify the skin. Bathing in the ocean is one of nature’s best skincare regimes and the philosophy behind most seaweed body wraps and spa bath rituals.

The next best option: chlorine-free pools like salt water pools and non-chemically treated pools are less harsh on the skin. You aren’t benefiting from the water, but you aren’t doing any damage to your skin – so it’s a wash!

*bien-etre tip: It should be noted that before jumping head-first into any of these waters, you want to double check for any signs of contamination or pollution first.

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